What to expect

Our mission is to provide an exercise based facility to support individuals with disabilities that inspires and motivates, that is safe, supportive and fun and where no one is ever given up on. To accomplish this, we have built our company on four pillars of success:

State Of The Art Equipment

  • 100% ADA Certified
  • Specially designed work out machines
  • Unique layout for accessibility
  • Safe, fun, and inviting

World Class Staff

  • Certified physical trainers and therapists
  • Friendly, knowledgeable, and patient
  • First hand experience with special needs
  • Available for private sessions or group training

Actively Involved Community

  • Meet others just like you
  • Motivate, encourage and inspire others in need
  • Belong to a bigger cause
  • articipate in local community events

Uniquely Tailored Programs

  • Scheduled classes for all circumstances
  • Personalized and specific
  • Private or group sessions
  • 30 day free trial with no cancellation fees