What inspired us?

Ms. Jane

Our story is not uncommon, which is the very sad reality of Traumatic Brain Injury!

Over 1.7 million people every year in the United States alone suffer from a Traumatic Brain Injury. That's right... 1.7 million people! So, let us tell you how we got here.

On May 25th 2010 my mother, Jane Spikes woke up just like any other day. Mom was an extremely active 73 year old woman in extraordinary health and a desire to take on ever day like a 50 year old. She was a highly successful real estate agent with a 40 year career helping other families make their dream come true.

Mom had decided to go to an event that was in a local Dallas neighborhood, and she parked her car across a busy street that had a cross walk and a traffic light. At 11:55 a.m., she left the event to walk to her car and was STRUCK by a VAN in the cross walk. Unfortunately, the driver was uninsured and had no driver's license.

After four weeks in ICU and six more months in different hospitals, miraculously Mom had learned to walk, talk, eat and breathe on her own again. It was more than anyone of us could have hoped for, and everyone who knew her was thrilled!

We brought our beloved mother home to live, and we knew the next few years would be challenging at the least. After many setbacks and multiple stays in the hospital, our frustration with the insurance system grew. Every time Mom was released from outpatient therapy for what they called a "plateau", we would ask our physical therapists, "What do we do now"?
Knowing that the only way to stay active is to be active, we were looking for a place to take Ms. Jane, which she had lovingly been called by all her therapist, that was handicap accessible and safe for her to exercise and work out.

We found very few options and were inspired to open: Ms. Jane’s Place.

Ms. Jane’s Place is a facility that is open to ALL people regardless of their ability or disability. We do not bill any insurance company and work on a sliding scale, private pay basis. Our family knows firsthand that having a gym that has accessible equipment and open to anyone would have been a life changer for us.

Please feel free to contact us and tell us your story, and most of all, visit us. We believe that
Ms. Jane's Place is Where Healing Happens!

Our Clients

We cater to anyone who has felt the frustration of standard rehabilitation therapy that depletes your insurance and traditional fitness centers that aren't equipped to handle your special needs. Our list of clients currently includes:

"It's refreshing to know that there are real people out there who care about me and understand what I'm going through."Kimberly Stout, Plano, TX

Meet The Founders

Kristi Kay Spikes

  • Founder
  • Texas Native
  • Daughter of Jane & Jack Spikes

Kristi Kay Spikes is a Texas native born in Lubbock, Texas and raised in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Kristi graduated from Highland Park High School in 1982. After a short period in Boston Massachusetts., she then moved to New York City and started a long career in retail merchandising. In 1989 she was transferred to the Southern California area where she made her home until returning to Texas in 2006.

Kristi’s mother, Jane Spikes, was a highly successful real estate agent in the area for more than 40 years, and their dream was to work together so that Kristi could eventually take over Jane’s business. Jane and Kristi did have an opportunity to work together for five months before everything in their lives changed.

On May 25th 2009, Jane was in an automobile/pedestrian accident and Kristi was forced to stop working so that she could be by Jane’s side while recovering in the hospital. Kristi now cares for Jane with the help of her wife and co-founder of Ms. Jane’s Place, Lynne Spikes. They are currently living in the North Dallas area.

Kristi continues to work in the real estate industry, as well as running Ms. Jane’s Place, her new passion……….. WHERE HEALING HAPPENS!

Lynne Spikes

  • Co-Founder
  • California Native
  • Daughter of Pat & Mike Heemer

Lynne Spikes was born in Denville, New Jersey and raised in San Diego, California. She graduated in 1993 from Coronado High School. Both of Lynne’s parents, Pat & Mike Heemer, are retired from the United States Navy after serving their country for more than 26 years.

Lynne had a long career in facilities management in Los Angeles, California working for high tech and Fortune 500 companies including Fox Studios/Television Network and Yahoo. Lynne transferred to the Dallas area in 2009 to manage the new United States headquarters for Blackberry located in Las Colinas.

Lynne and her wife, Kristi Kay Spikes, were inspired to open Ms. Jane’s Place, and the facilities job of a lifetime was born. Lynne retired from her corporate career and is now dedicated to improving the lives of exceptional people with challenges.

Lynne believes that no one person should ever be given up on and providing accessible fitness for all people is a standard that every company should live by!